Caryl Fluffy : Sugar Rush

Glenn and Maggie brought candy back to the group after their run so Daryl was eating a box of nerds and a bar of chocolate…without sharing.

"Okay" Carol grabbed the candy from him "You’re eating too much candy"

"What? No…" he took the candy back.

She sighed “Your hands are shaking, you’re gonna give yourself diabetes”

"Nuh uh" he said as he poured the last of the nerds into his mouth and nearly choked.

"Well if you choke to death first I guess you won’t get diabetes"

"Told you" he unwrapped more chocolate.

"Absolutely not" she took the chocolate away. "You can’t have anymore"

He whined like a little kid for a minute and then gave up. He pouted and picked at the grass until all the sugar in his system made him violently dig into the dirt.

Carol grabbed his hands and pulled them out of the dirt “Daryl stop that you’re worrying me”

Carol held him still until Rick called him over to do something for him. She helped herself to the chocolate she took away from him as she heard Rick and Glenn tell Daryl to calm down. She didn’t want to see what he was doing.

They had kept Daryl busy for almost two hours. He sat next to Carol and yawned.

"You’re gonna crash soon" she told him

"No I’m not"

He rested his head on her shoulder and not two minutes later he was sleeping.

Imagine that after the caryl reunion, Daryl will just randomly hold Carol. Whether it be a hug, just sleeping together, or whatever else just to reassure him that she’s there and so he won’t forget what it feels like to have her in his arms.

Then one day, Carol asks him what “they” are, since his constant attention had confused her. After a long day of thinking, before they go to sleep he hugs her and says:

"I don’t know what we are, but you’re everything to me"

Caryl Fluffy : The Fort

Carol had heard that Daryl had an episode earlier with Rick so she went to talk to him.

When she walked into their cell she saw him laying on his stomach inside a fort of pillows and blankets and coloring in a coloring book.

She was becoming concerned.

She spoke softly “Daryl…” she got on her knees in front of the opening to his fort “Daryl sweetie, Rick told me you got angry”

He grabbed the box of crayons to pick a different color. He sighed “I’m done Carol”

He caught her confused glance and continued “I’m done being an adult. I quit”

"Ok" she didn’t really know what else to say "Honey, where’d you get the coloring book?"

"On a run a while back. Was gonna give it to the kids but I forgot about it…S’ mine now"

She nodded “Whatch’ya drawing?”

"A dragon"

"Oh…" she looked around the cell for a moment "can I come in the fort?"

He didn’t look up from his coloring “Of course you can”

She got in next to him, laying on her stomach like him. She held his free hand and watched him draw.

Before he could finish the dragon, the fort collapsed. Really all that fell on them was a blanket, but Carol could still see Daryl put his face on the floor.

"I can’t escape adulthood can I?" He mumbled into the floor.

"No you can’t" she kissed his hair "…but I’ll make sure you get a few days off"

So she spent the next few days making sure Daryl was comfortable staying in bed all day on his days off.

Caryl Fluffy : Cuddling

Daryl and Carol were laying in bed, their foreheads touching, Daryl’s arms wrapped around her and his hands up the back of her shirt.

Carol was curled up in a little ball, enjoying the attention.

He pulled one of his hands away and pushed her shoulder back “Lay on your back”

She cautiously did as he said “Why?”

As a response he more or less laid on top of her chest.

"Oh god…What are you doing to me?" She asked, annoyed.

"What? You always do this to me. I wanna turn." With that, he climbed more on top of her and held her tighter.

"But you’re a man, you’re built for this. And you’re-" she paused to try and push him off "-heavier than me"

They rolled more onto their sides. He grabbed her and held her tightly “Well I’m too comfy to move. You’re just gonna haf’ta move me yourself”

She tried to get him off her, but that wasn’t working so she just made it so she was able to roll over and put her back to him.

Realizing that she had given up, he felt a little bad so he moved onto his back for her. He patted his chest “Bring your pretty little face over here”

She curled up into her little ball on his chest and he started to stroke her hair.

Before she could fully be lulled to sleep, she mumbled “See isn’t this better?”

Caryl Fluffy : Pillow Talk

"Your ass is adorable"

Carol giggled at the gentle compliments leaving Daryl’s mouth.

"Ain’t never seen anyone more beautiful than you" He leaned in and kissed her.

"Well you’re beautiful too" she smiled at him.

"Pfft, I ain’t beautiful. I’m all dirty. Nothin’ shocked me more than you not bein’ repulsed by all this dirt. Didn’t think you’d still want me after you saw"

She smiled, pulled him close, and whispered “Maybe I like you dirty”

He turned red “Well I’ll keep it that way if it keeps gettin’ me laid”

"Be dirty, wash it off, it doesn’t matter. I promise we’re gonna do this again."

Daryl smiled, teeth and everything.