I don’t understand why it’s not okay for me to break down sometimes. Like I have to be the happiest and non-depressed girl that there is. I just can’t help it…

Everybody breaks down. Breaking down helps. You need the balance. If you’re always breaking, you won’t be able to enjoy happiness. If you’re always happy, you’re lying to yourself and when you do break it hurts more.

It’s like how the screen on your phone can have little cracks on it and still work. But if it always gets cracked it’s bound to stop working.

If you wanna break down, go ahead. Life is supposed to have ups and downs like a roller coaster. What fun is a roller coaster without any steep downhill drops?

Somebody posted “caryl or bethyl?” on facebook and one of the comments was literally “bethyl! They’re cuter together and have been through so much more together!”

I’m a little pissed off right now.

Caryl Fluffy : Staring

"Stop staring at me, it’s starting to bother me"

He rolled over so he couldn’t see her anymore.

"What? Did I upset you?", she asked.

He turned to see her “No. You told me to stop staring so I did.” He rolled back over “Besides, I stared at you enough in all the time I knew ya’. I have a perfect picture in my mind of how beautiful you are”


Carol loved to talk to Daryl while he was sleeping. When he was still in the land between being awake and being asleep he’d answer when she talked to him, and seemed to have no knowledge of it in the morning.

It started with Carol simply stating things and Daryl agreeing, then she started talking more about them as a couple and he’d agree, then she asked him not to ever leave her and he promised he wouldn’t. She told him she loved him and he said it back.

But Carol never fully understood how good Daryl is at fake-sleeping.